1995 Mini Mayfair

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1995 Mini Mayfair 

This like so many minis had previously had MOT so called repairs! Meaning over sills and patches of metal here and there.

It was mechanically very good and the current owners wanted our advice if it was worth keeping or should they find a better Mini.

As we tell most owners the choice is yours but it is sometimes better to keep the devil you know and have the body work overhauled

So this is what they decided to do. I think the results speak for themselves.

Poorly repaired boot floor showing patches added over time!

Rot caused to floors/inner sill because of those awful wide over sills bodgers fit

Repairs under way wings cut off remainder of front panel soon to follow

Scuttle removed. The 1990's mini suffer from scuttle corrosion more than other decades

Again poor old repairs will have to be cut away

Boot floor, boot hinge panel and new valance all in place

All new panels fitted. Just about ready to prepare for re-spray

Now that looks better