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This Mini is a 1 owner car purchased from Crown Garage, Soham in 1998. The owner used it to get to work and it covered 85,000 miles in all weathers. The owner decided to give the mini a new lease of life so asked us to carry out a full restoration. The Mini is now their pride and joy and only goes out in good weather!

The Mini was dismantled, eveything was removed and put in storage. We then got to work on the shell which as you will see from the photos required extensive repairs and panels replaced - wings, front panel, apex panels, scuttle, outer sills, inner sills, one door, door sking on other door, boot floor, repair panel, valance etc All Panels were available are Heritage Genuine Panels.

Once re-sprayed the shell was rebuilt with as many of the old parts as possible but it did require many new parts as well. The original alloys where refurbished and new tyres fitted. The engine/gearbox cleaned and repainted, although a new cylinder head was fitted, new clutch , water pump, alternator, pipes and service items.

The Mini has been retrimmed to original factory specification which is always a nice job to take on.

We have included some before, after and work in progress photos to give you an idea of the detail and rust proofing we include. 

Full Restoration

RH floor corner look from the underside - The valance has already been removed

RH rear floor repaired and new valance/subframe strengthener fitted

Servo as removed and all corroded

Servo Refurbished and fitted with new brake parts

LH brake assemble all fitted

Re-trimming interior wining, sound proofing

Wax oyling (corrosion inhiditor) prior to fitting fuel tank

Detail - grommets behind wiper motor

Engine bay ready to take engine/gearbox

Engine/gearbox being installed

Many of these parts are the originals all cleaned by us

New radiator BUT this is the original fan unit refurbished by us

Bumper lip wax oyled