1982 Austin Mini Pickup

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This Pickup came to us in November 2006 for a full restoration.

We dismantled the Pickup to a shell and cut away the front wings , front panel, removed the doors & looked it over and ordered new half floor panels from M-Machine & 2 Heritage outer sills. The owner then asked us to put work on hold as he was sorting out the finances. His life had changed so he could not move forward with the project and asked us to sell the pickup. He stated the sale price and we purchased the project from him in 2012, it has sat in our workshop ever since!
When the documents arrived we were shocked to see he had owned it from new and included the original bill of sale £3057.58 on the road in November 1982. 
We have registered the Pickup to us as a Motor trader so the next owner will be the 2nd official owner on the V5.


1982 Austin Pickup For Sale - NOW SOLD