Dean's TR6 an on going restoration

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Since a boy I have always wanted a triumph TR6 so in 2006 I found the lowest priced example needing restoration I could find - tight budget like so many of us.


Got it home as you see in the first few photos - my daughters mocked me when they found me sat inside pretending to motor away!  Sad I know but we've all been there, oh just me then!

November 2006 got it in the work shop and dismantled it - yep its fairly rotten but thought I will soon get that restored and out on the open road !!

A few weeks later it had to go in the container out the way so I could restore Minis - as thats my job!

2020 comes round in the blink of an eye, the children are now adults but still mocking me and this horrible Covid-19 makes us all think of those things we should have done - luckily my family are all well during this crisis so far

So after a long Sunday I manage to get the chassis & tub out of the container - wow that is a rotten tub and could that chassis be bent!

So restoring a TR6 tub is best done on the chassis it will be married to and that chassis needs to be solid & not bent.  This is best done on a JIG and lucky for me just up the road is probably the best TR Specialist in the UK who just happen to have a very rare TR dedicated JIG- TRGB Ltd.

Gave Gary (the founder) a call & yes as I guessed the chassis is the first thing to get perfect.  Although I could take this task on myself I could never get it as good as a JIG could so the chassis has been to TRGB, been checked and has several sections replaced. They have done a fantastic job.  They would not normally send a chassis out unpainted but it was at my request to leave it. I will have it fully powder coated once I have restored the tub.

TRGB Ltd could not have been more helpful and unfortunately for me I think I will be spending a lot more of my funds with them over the coming years!

I also purchased from them all the panels to make the tub good - boy have panel prices increased in 14 years - should have taken my own advice & bought all the panels 14 years ago!

Next stage is to begin the huge restoration project of the tub - Most convertibles are restored around the doors so that the door gaps & how the door glass meets the screen surround is good.  So first stage is to restore the doors.  I decided new skins was the best way forward. First though need to make good the frames before skins can go on.